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Real People – Real Opinions – Real Possibilities

There is nothing more confronting to government and corporations,
than hearing the honest truth from a people united

Welcome to Actev8 – The only pro-active social media platform to connect an energised community with a fresh approach to creating positive and achievable change in your world. We invite you to Actev8 your votes in the “Peoples Parliament” and help us deliver our own unique street style of democracy.

Actev8 V1.0 will:

  • Listen to your opinions on the important topics affecting our daily lives and futures
  • Provide the most accurate and independent reflection of community opinions
  • Debate the real issues and explore the best possible actions available
  • Provide an alternative news covering topics not provided by main stream news
  • Encourage members to connect and support each other’s endeavours
  • Put democracy back where it has always belonged - into the hands of the people

Features of Actev8 V1.0


Actev8 Opinion Poll

The first key feature of our global service is to listen to everyone’s valid opinions on all the social, political, economic, employment, health, education, environment and lifestyle issues that are affecting you and your family’s future.

We are also very concerned with the high costs of living caused by the uncompetitive monopolies who are opportunistically taking advantage of a captive market, including the banks, electricity, insurance, food and fuel giants.

Everything is on the Actev8 table and we’d like to hear your honest opinions on these and other topics in our polls, so we can identify the problems and collaborate together on solutions to deliver the positive outcomes.

Mainstream news media currently control all opinion polls using only a small sample group. This small group does not always represent the true opinions of a nation – Time to hear everyone’s voice

Finally, you don’t have wait any longer for the phone to ring to have your valued opinions included – you now have free and instant access to an independent platform for sending your message, every day – in real time. As they say “Vote early – Vote often” and share the topics with your friends to make a real difference to your world. Let’s show the world what we’re thinking!

Actev8 Forum

Another feature to Actev8 is our People’s Forum. In the forum, you’re invited to participate in conversations discussing the daily topics we raise through our opinion polls.

Unlike mainstream media who only allow commentary on the topics they think is suitable for you to have a view on, the People’s Forum gives you the right to share your views without being excessively moderated. All we ask is that you please keep it clean and respect others points of views. The forum is not a place for the denigration of others ideas, it is a place for creative debate and common sense solutions. Don’t let the political brand you support cloud up the good ideas that will flow through this medium.

“Change in the world won’t miraculously happen
from simply “liking “other people’s photos and statements”

Actev8 News

Our Actev8 News service offers another fresh option to mainstream news organisations who concentrate on the fear and negativity in our world. Our approach is to provide inspirational news and enhance the lives of all our members, because positive information breeds positive effects. Most of the news will focus on the topics raised in the Peoples Parliament and Peoples Forum, but will also include interesting articles that other news organisations won’t cover, but everyone should be aware of.

And we love to include our members interesting stories to share within our community, so if you have something you would like to contribute, please use our feedback form. Let’s keep spreading useful and uplifting news and develop an optimistic view of our future. We love to include our members stories, sharing what they are doing and benefiting their communities.

 “It costs nothing to have an opinion
but remaining silent - could cost you everything”

The objective of Actev8 is to bring the world together onto the same page. Every country in the world is experiencing tension at this time in our development, and we believe this is in part because we have been disconnected from each other for so long. It doesn’t matter what brand of politics you support, they all seem to have their problems with fixing the issues. Now is the time for united common sense approach, so we can all help build a better world for ourselves, and our children’s future. 

There are many new peaceful, powerful ways we can strive to achieve positive outcomes and we look forward to exploring them with you through Actev8, and our energised pioneering members.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for Actev8, please use our feedback form to contact us

Please support Actev8 and all Actev8 will support you.  Your world - our future

“Let’s make a super power of the people and see what happens”

Actev8 would like to thank the talented team at Hidden Brains for their professional development of Actev8 website and phone apps system. Great job guys!

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