We’ve come to an important junction in humanity. In just 19 months, those pulling the strings of  government have managed to unlawfully trample our rights and freedoms – with very little objection, from an hypnotised public. Did you imagine it would have been so easy?

One thing the Government and Media hate is truth, especially from easily accessible public polls. Government take notice of polls, its how they get feedback from real people. The polls msm media run for government are manipulated with small sample sizes and dubious results.  Have you ever had opportunity to participate in these polls? These polls are designed to support the government and help convince the public, they care and are on the right course. No they are not!

ACTEV8 Polls are open to everyone, on both sides to have their say. We want to connect as one, against those that would do us harm. ACTEV8 will also provide the following services to connect our community;

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